Wood Stain

We use the industries best.

We separate ourselves by offering the industries top-rated name brand stain products listed below. However, we can use any other product per customer request for an additional fee. Our experienced team will give recommendations on color and product based on your needs.

Wood Defender makes a transparent and a semi-transparent oil based stain and sealer. Semi-transparent Wood Defender is our most popular product and is recommended for staining or re-staining fences and structures of all ages. Semi-transparent stain shows medium character and grain. Transparent colors are recommended for staining new cedar or re-staining newer cedar structures that have been previously treated with transparent oil based stain. Transparent colors show a lot of character and grain. Wood Defender is our TOP recommendation for making your weathered fence or structure look new again!

Behr Solid Base is an acrylic latex stain and sealer that shows no character or grain and looks like paint. Behr solid base is recommended for staining or re-staining fences or structures or all ages, but is typically used for older structures or structures that have a previous application of an acrylic or solid based stain. *We do not offer Behr Trans or Semi-Trans Products.

T – Transparent
ST – Semi-Transparent
SB – Solid Base