Automatic Gates

We Specialize in a Variety of Automatic Slide Gates

Automatic gates provide convenience, additional space, and add unprecedented security for your home. Texas Backyard Living uses only the best gate operators in the industry that will last for years with little or no maintenance.  Maximize your yard and add a safe space for children to play. 

Things to know for Automatic Gate Owners:

Here are a few helpful hints to help operate your new Electric Gate and prolong the life of it.

  • Click here to Register Your Device with Lift Master or call 1-800-528-5880 to activate your warranty.
  • If something stops working – always check the sensors. Make sure they’re clean from debris, same with the track. The light on the motor should always be blue. If the light is red, then there’s an issue with the sensor.
  • Once you’ve hit the remote to either open or close it, let the gate run its full cycle before hitting the remote again.
  • Do not try and manually open your gate without first, switching the operator to “Manual”.
  • In case of snow or ice, the motor needs to be switched to “Manual”. There is a switch that can be toggled on the motor to allow for you to manually open the gate. Do not use the remote in ice and snow weather.
  • If the gate starts opening and shutting on its own, the limits have been shifted. Watch the video below to program your gate limits manually.
  • Before requesting service to your automatic gate, check your fuses in the motor. Sometimes fuses can break or burn out and can easily be replaced. Here is an example of a good vs a bad motor fuse: