Thank you for your interest in Texas Backyard Living. We are a highly reputable family owned fence company specializing in new fences, decks, arbors, patio covers, automatic gates, staining, fence repair, concrete, and stonework. Our mission is to provide professional service and quality workmanship to each customer while keeping projects on time and under budget. We take pride in the quality of our work and create value through our competitive pricing and unbeatable warranties. Texas Backyard Living looks forward to helping you with your next outdoor project!

Picture of Rocky Cloninger
President, Owner

Rocky Cloninger

Picture of Michelle Cloninger
Vice President, Owner

Michelle Cloninger

Picture of Jason Nye
VP of Sales

Jason Nye

Picture of Savanah Hatch
VP of Operations

Savanah Hatch

Picture of Neil Amos
VP of Marketing & IT

Neil Amos

Picture of Eli Hernandez
VP of Field Operations

Eli Hernandez

Picture of Madeline Oakes
Office Manager

Madeline Oakes

Picture of Kathryn Witt
Administrative Assistant

Kathryn Witt

Picture of Mary Alsing

Mary Alsing

Picture of Javith Sanjines
Warehouse Manager

Javith Sanjines

Picture of Chilo Moreno
Construction Manager

Chilo Moreno

Picture of Jace Reddic
Asst. Warehouse Manager

Jace Reddic

Picture of Kyle Jamieson
Senior Project Manager

Kyle Jamieson

Picture of Alex Howe
Project Manager

Alex Howe

Picture of Kimbra Pervine
Project Manager

Kimbra Pervine

Picture of Charlie Wright
Project Manager

Charlie Wright

Picture of Ali Howard
Project Manager

Ali Howard

Picture of John Fredrick
Project Manager

John Fredrick

Picture of Russell Robertson
Project Manager

Russell Robertson

Picture of Zantana Tapia
Project Manager

Zantana Tapia